Keys To Successfully Choosing The Right Hex Head Bolt Variety

Hex head bolts are going to be an optimal fastener choice if you need something durable that can be used around a lot of different environments. If you're looking to find a particular type for an upcoming project, take these actions.

Decide Between Metal or Plastic

You can find hex head bolts made out of a number of material options, but the two major categories include metal and plastic. You might need one or the other depending on what you're using this fastener for. You thus need to properly assess your project before going one way or the other.

For instance, if you plan on supporting a lot of weight with a hex head bolt, then you probably should get a bolt made out of metal like steel or aluminum. Whereas if your applications are pretty light duty and you're potentially afraid of corrosion, plastic hex head bolts would work out fine.

Make Sure Identification Markings Are Clearly Visible

There are a lot of different sizes you can choose from for hex head bolts, but it will be easier to see what options you have in your collection if you make sure identification markings are clearly visible on these fasteners. The manufacturer should include them on the top portion of the head since there is a lot of surface area to work with.

You just need to look at examples of these identification markings before placing an order with a fastener supplier or manufacturer. Then you'll know what marking quality you're getting and thus can ensure selecting the right bolt sizes will be easy. 

Order the Right Length Size

One of the more relevant sizing attributes of hex head bolts is length. This is how big the hex head bolt is from top to bottom, and it's something to figure out before making an order. Then you can trust your hex head bolts will go into materials flawlessly where you don't have to make any inconvenient adjustments.

You'll know what length size to get if you just assess the materials you're supporting with this fastener type. If you're still on the fence about a couple of length sizes, what you can do is order a couple and then test them out in real time.

If you're planning to secure hex head bolts into materials, make sure you get the right variety. That just takes a little bit of investigation as far as where these bolts are going and what they're being used for. 

Contact a manufacturer for more information about hex head bolts