Renting A Crane For Your Construction Projects

Many large construction projects will require the use of a crane to be completed. Cranes are fairly common mechanical devices, but there are many small contracting firms that may not have the experience of renting one of these devices. When you are needing the use of a crane, renting it may be the simplest and most cost-effective solution, but individuals frequently make errors when renting or using these powerful devices.

Review The Set Up Requirements For Any Cranes You Are Considering

A crane that is not properly set up can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, contractors will often fail to give adequate consideration to these needs. While the exact specifics will differ, cranes often require a flat surface with firm soil. Uneven surfaces or soils that are loose may be unable to act as an anchor. By identifying these requirements ahead of time, you can more effectively scout for locations to place the crane.

Arrange For An Operator For The Crane

Operating a crane can be an extremely difficult and complex task. In response to the hazards that could be involved, most locations have rules in place that ban unlicensed individuals from operating the crane. If your firm lacks an employee with this type of training and licensing, some rental firms will be able to provide you with a crane operator. This will often involve additional costs, but it may be the only practical way for your company to secure this type of professional.

Avoid Violating The Permit Requirements For The Area

Every community can have its own laws and regulations concerning permits. Cranes are often heavily regulated in this regard as they can pose a major threat to neighboring properties. Whenever your business will need to set up a crane, thoroughly research the rules concerning permits for these machines is essential. Otherwise, you may accidentally violate these rules, which could bring swift penalties to your firm in the form of fines and business license revocation.

Insure The Crane

In the event of an unforeseen accident involving the crane, you may find that your firm is considered responsible for the costs of these damages. The large costs from these accidents can devastate or entirely bankrupt small contracting businesses. Opting for comprehensive insurance for your crane can help to mitigate this unavoidable hazard. When choosing an insurance policy, opt for one that provides coverage for both potential property damages and damages to the crane. Many rental firms will require this type of insurance before renting a crane to a customer, but if your service does not have this requirement, a separate policy should be purchased.

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