Cutting Fluids Make Machining Metals Easier

Machining metal can take all kinds of forms. One of those forms is cutting metal to size or to a particular shape. There are certain things that need to be used during the cutting process to make sure that it's done correctly and that the piece of metal ends up looking the way that it should. That's where cutting fluid comes into the scene. 

Cutting Fluid

Cutting fluid makes the product sound like it's something mysterious, but generally, all it is is a liquid that acts as a coolant and a lubricant while the metal is being cut. There are all kinds of cutting fluids, and they can be made from a huge variety of sources. There are cutting fluids that are water based, meaning that water is the main ingredient. There are also cutting fluids that are petroleum based, generally various oils or even very thin grease. Other things like vegetable oils and fluids that use animal fat as a base may also be used in various situations. Different kinds of metal and different kinds of jobs are going to require different kinds of cutting fluid. What are some of the benefits of using cutting fluids when cutting metals?

Metal Doesn't Warp

One benefit of using cutting fluid when using cutting into metal is that the metal won't warp. Cutting metal can increase the heat of the metal. If the metal is being cut by some kind of saw blade, there is going to be a lot of friction buildup. The faster the saw goes, the more friction. All that friction will heat up the saw blade as well as the metal getting worked. That can cause the metal to become deformed and warped, especially in thin sheets of metal or softer metals. The cooling liquid will ease the way of the blade an make sure that the friction is lessened and it will keep the work area cooler. 

Lack of Shavings

Another reason to use cutting fluid is that it can wash away all the shaving and debris from the cutting process. All those little bits of metal can mess up the blade and could make the cut not as clean. The cutting fluid can help move those tiny bits away from the work and keep the cut nice and clean. 

Metal has to be machined so that it can be turned into the finished price. Cutting fluids can make that process easier. For more information on industrial cutting fluids, contact your local manufacturer today.