3 Popular Commercial Trench Drains For Contractors To Consider

If you're a contractor and work with aco commercial trench drains, there are many different types you can install. It's important that you weigh the following options, so you can set up the correct trench drains that effectively promote water drainage on commercial properties.

Cast in Place 

One of the oldest trench systems currently available is a cast in place trench drain. This drain is durable, but more manual labor goes into creating it. First, reinforced bars and wooden frames are positioned in the ground. Concrete is then poured to form the correct drain shape. 

If these bars or wooden frames are slightly out of position, the trench drain won't be nearly as effective. Then, you may have to start from scratch. That's why you need to take your time when setting up this drainage type and make absolutely sure you have the right shape before pouring any concrete.


If you're looking for a speedier, more convenient option, pre-cast trench drains may be the better fit. Like their name implies, these drains come pre-cast or pre-molded from factories. Not only does this save you time from pouring concrete, it ensures the trench shape is exactly what your commercial clients want.

Right when these drains show up to your location, they are ready to install. They also can be made out of durable materials, such as metal. No matter what types of weather elements these drains are exposed to, they'll retain their structural makeup. Your clients thus don't have to put a lot of effort into maintaining them.


Trench drains have evolved tremendously in the past few years, and one of the best modern options today is the linear trench drain. Like pre-cast models, linear drains are pre-made in a factory. Their main difference is the number of materials you can get them made out of. Some of the most popular include polymer concrete, fiberglass, steel, and plastic. 

Which material you choose depends on your clients' budget. Polymer and plastic drains are durable and are relatively affordable. If the price is not so much of an issue and your clients want long-lasting drains, you can't beat steel. 

There are so many trench drains available today for commercial use. You can fully serve commercial property owners by taking extra time weighing the pros and cons of different models. Only then can you choose a drain that benefits the property and the property owner.