3 Ways To Make More Money At Your Freight Hauling Business

Many truck drivers decide to start their own freight hauling business so they can work for themselves doing what they're good at. As the owner of a freight hauling business, it's wise to look for ways to invest in your business in order to boost your income and revenue. Here are a few ways to improve your business that will lead to increased profits:

Upgrade to a Drop Deck Trailer

A drop deck trailer is similar to a flatbed trailer in that it has no walls or cover, and can accommodate large loads of freight. A drop deck trailer is an improvement over a conventional flatbed, however, because it has two levels. The lower level can actually accommodate much taller stacks of freight. This means you can haul more freight in a single load than you could with a flatbed, potentially increasing your profits.

When purchasing a drop deck trailer, make sure to add load levelers. These will level and stabilize your load to prevent accidents and make your freight process even more efficient.

Invest in Logistical Software

One area where many smaller freight companies go wrong is logistics. Missing a shipment, going to the wrong warehouse or drop site, or being late for a delivery can all have a negative impact on your business, costing you potential customers and money. For these reasons, logistical software is worth the investment.

Logistical software will help you automate your entire freight delivery system, keeping you organized and on time, and making your customers happy. You will spend less time planning your logistics, which means more time for actual deliveries.

Upgrade Your Marketing Efforts

Not having enough customers or only have low-paying customers are common problems for new freight businesses. It pays in the long-run to spend time and money advertising your services. In addition to advertising on free load boards where potential customers can find your services, consider advertising on paid boards as well. The customers on these boards may be more committed to finding a freight business.

In addition to online boards, be sure to create and maintain a professional social media presence to help potential customers find you. It may be worth paying an intern or marketing company to tackle this task for you, so you can gain new customers while still having time to focus on your actual business.

Don't forget to talk to your tax accountant before making these improvements to your business. Most can be considered business expenses at tax time, and knowing how to document your purchases for a tax write-off can help offset the upfront cost. Contact a company, like No Ramp Trailers, for more help.