3 Tips To Make Your Air Compressor More Energy Efficient

Having access to a functional air compressor is important for the completion of many industrial and manufacturing processes. Air compressors power pneumatic tools and conveyor belts, so ensuring that your air compressor is functioning at optimal levels is critical.

Reducing the amount of energy required to power your air compressor can be a great way to save money on overhead costs and extend the life of your compressor in the future. Here are three simple tips that you can keep in mind to help make your air compressor more energy efficient:

1. Carefully monitor the air pressure.

Most air compressors are designed to provide a wide range of air pressures. The ability to customize your air pressure settings makes your air compressor more versatile, but it also means that you need to carefully monitor these pressure settings in order to avoid wasting energy.

Check the recommended air pressure settings on each of the components your compressor is connected to. Adjust the air pressure settings on your compressor to match these recommended settings to reduce energy consumption and ease the amount of work completed by your air compressor each day.

2. Install automatic shut-off timers.

A lot of energy is wasted powering air compressors when they are not being utilized to complete a specific job. Eliminated wasted air can be a simple and effective way to save your company a lot of money over time. One of the easiest ways to ensure that an air compressor doesn't run idly is the installation of an automatic shut-off timer.

These timers are designed to automatically power down an air compressor after it has remained idle for a set period of time. Utilizing an automatic shut-off timer ensures that employees won't forget to turn off your air compressor, resulting in significant energy savings over time.

3. Maintain your air compressor regularly.

Another simple way to ensure your air compressor is running as efficiently as possible is to invest time and money in regular maintenance for this important piece of equipment. Be sure that you are cleaning your air compressor often, and that you replace clogged intake filters to reduce the amount of work required by the air compressor's engine.

Routine maintenance will allow you to spot potential problems and have them repaired in order to preserve the performance of your air compressor and reduce its energy consumption in the future.

Taking action to reduce the amount of energy used by your air compressor will save your company money and extend the life of your air compressor well into the future.

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