Three Costly Dumpster Rental Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Whether you need a dumpster for your new business or just temporarily at your home for a remodeling project, renting is typically the preferred way to get service. Dumpster rental can be a cost-effective way to manage waste, as long as you use the dumpster correctly and avoid the following costly mistakes.

#1: Skipping the safety plan

You must have a safety plan in place for the dumpster before it arrives. Begin by checking with any regulations in your municipality. For example, some cities require that all permanent dumpsters be kept inside a locked fence. This means you will need to build the dumpster corral with a gate before your dumpster can be delivered to your new business. Even for temporary residential use, there may be rules about locking the dumpster lid or about where you can place the dumpster on your property. These regulations are to keep you and others in the neighborhood safe, and there is often a fine if you fail to follow them.

#2: Ignoring hazardous waste warnings

Every dumpster company has rules on hazardous waste, as do most municipalities. It is vital that you know what is not allowed in your dumpster. Generally, this will usually include oil and gas, paint and paint thinners, any fuel containers, aerosol cans, household chemicals, and even fluorescent light bulbs. These items all pose a hazard to both waste workers and to the environment if they enter the waste stream. Ignoring hazardous waste rules can result in a fine from the city as well as extra charges from the rental company.

#3: Placing the dumpster on the wrong surface

A dumpster should be placed on a solid, flat surface. Generally, a cement pad or a section of the parking lot is used at a business. For a home, the driveway or the street, if allowed, is the preferred location. For residential rentals, it's vital that you don't place the dumpster in the lawn. You could inadvertently damage sprinkler systems or underground pipes with the weight of the dumpster as it fills. There is also the chance for damage to drain fields if your home is on a septic system. Even if you are sure there is nothing underground at the site, damage to the landscaping can cause irreparable harm. This in turn could cost you major cash to repair the damage.

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