Got Road Dust? Here Are Three Big Reasons It's A Bad Thing

You likely find it on your vehicles, clinging to your windows, and even coating the grass on your lawn. Road dust is a really big deal for homeowners who live in areas close to unpaved roads, but you may be thinking that it's just dirt, so why should it be a big deal? Unfortunately, road dust issues are a major concern, even though it may look like you are just struggling to keep things clean. Here are three of the biggest reasons why you should consider some form of road dust control on your property. 

Road dust can contain corrosive materials. 

If you are like most homeowners, you will take the time necessary to clean off your vehicles and your home after it has been contaminated with a layer of road dust. However, there will always be those places you don't catch, and that dust is left to settle on things around your property. The problem with this is that road dust can actually contain corrosive materials, especially if you live in an area where the ground is naturally high in acid or if you live in close proximity to agricultural properties. Over time, the corrosive deposits can cause damage to things like the siding on your home or even the undercarriage of your vehicle. 

Road dust can be harmful to your bronchial system. 

Breathing in road dust is actually quite dangerous to your lungs. The dust that is disturbed when a vehicle travels over an unpaved road can contain:

  • asbestos
  • fertilizers
  • animal and human waste
  • mining byproducts
  • engine oil

All of these fine particles could easily make their way into your lungs if you live in an area where road dust is an issue, and some of these contaminants have the potential to make you very ill. 

Road dust could contaminate your food. 

If you grow a garden of fresh fruits or vegetables, the road dust could easily make its way to your food supply. Because of the aforementioned contaminants, ingesting road dust can also cause other illnesses besides problems with your breathing. If road dust is an issue where you live, it is crucial that you never eat fresh foods from the garden without washing them thoroughly first. Likewise, it is important to be careful about having your meals outdoors or even leaving your kitchen windows open where road dust could slip in and contaminate food preparation areas. 

For information about what you can do to control road dust, contact a company like GMCO Corporation.