4 Machine Shop Safety Tips To Use Every Single Day

Machining work in the industrial and manufacturing sector as a whole can be incredibly profitable. This work involves heavy-duty machinery that can also be dangerous, which is why you need to learn some smart safety tips that will help keep you and your entire work base safe. This will help protect from your shop from injury and even protect the lives of everyone in your machine shop floors each and every day. Use these four machining safety guidelines below in order to help you out.

#1: Enforce use of protective equipment at all times

When you own a machine shop, personal protective equipment should absolutely never be optional. Make sure everyone on the floor is aware of this rule and that it is strictly enforced, with significant penalties to back up this rule. Some examples of protective equipment that must always be used on the job includes machinery guards, well fitting gloves, thick soled, slip resistant footwear and protective masks. By ensuring that everyone is protected at all times, you will have far less risk for injury in your machine shop.

#2: Avoid lifting injuries

Lower back injuries can lead to workers compensation cases and down time for your best employees. Because of this, always be sure that everyone is using the right procedure for lifting heavy materials. If an item is particularly heavy, be sure that employees are using forklifts. If an item can be lifted manually, ensure that workers keep their backs straight, squat and bend at the knees and lift using their legs as opposed to their back. This can prevent a potential lifetime of nagging back injuries, so keep everyone on your floor informed of these lifting procedures.

#3: Take care of your work areas

You also need to be sure that the work areas in your machine shop are well kept. This means keeping floor ways clear of any tripping hazards and clutter, so that traffic can move in and out with no problem. Always clean and wash down work areas and address spills immediately. The cleaner that you keep your machine shop, the safer it will be.

#4: Train Your Staff To Use All Machinery

Always promote knowledge and education for proper machine use in your shop. Hold frequent tutorials, certification opportunities and continued education opportunities for your employees so that everyone is qualified to handle the machinery properly. This lets you prevent serious damage and injury inside of your machine shop.

Follow these four tips to have safety in your machine shop every single day. To learn more, contact a company like Tri-State Fabricators Inc