Increase The Safety Of Your Mobile Home With These Supplies

Whether you have an elderly family member coming to stay with you or you're just concerned about your own mobility as you age, it's useful to think of various ways to make your mobile home safer. Because there are numerous mobile home safety supplies available on the market, it's a good idea to identify certain areas of your home that could pose a tripping hazard and buy the right products to lessen the risk of a fall. Here are some specific areas of your mobile home and how you can upgrade them with mobile home supplies for safety.

Front Steps

When you're sure-footed, climbing the steps into your mobile home is something you do without thinking, but the same can't be said for someone who lacks stability when standing. You can dramatically improve the front steps to your home in a variety of ways. First, invest in a high-quality, durable handrail for each side of the steps. You can also buy reflective adhesive strips to go along the edges of each step. This is especially valuable when you're having a guest stay with you, as he or she will be more aware of the steps. Finally, think about buying non-slip paint for the steps. The sand-like grains in this paint dramatically reduce the risk of falling when the steps are wet.


Someone who is unsteady on his or her feet needs to feel secure in the bathroom of your mobile home, and a number of safety supplies can address this issue. Grip bars mounted to the walls in the tub, a non-slip mat affixed to the floor of the tub and a rubber non-slip mat on the bathroom floor are all effective for providing stability. A grip bar mounted in the main area of the bathroom itself is also valuable, as it can provide support for someone while getting dressed, for example.

Elevation Changes

If the interior of your mobile home has a change in elevation — for example, one or two steps or a ramp between one room and another — it's important to address the safety of this area. A sudden or unexpected elevation change can pose a threat to you or your elderly family member. Buy and install a handrail along the wall beside the steps or ramp. A rubber non-slip mat is ideal to place along the length of a ramp, while non-slip stair tread strips over the front edge of each step can also reduce the risk of a fall.